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Midhat Jasic1, Mithat Direk2

1University of Tuzla, Program study Nutrition of Faculty of Technology, Univerzitetska 8, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Selçuk University, Konya-Turkey


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Human hedonism and the need for material goods are the biggest “enemy” of a sustainable lifestyle, wher is  need for food is in the greatest focus. Globalization and the improvement of intercontinental and international transport created conditions for   food consumption from different areas and created  food-dependent  nations in the world. All modern  guidelines to proper nutrition are based on  guidelines that require daily moderate and varied consumption. Aim of the paper  is to point out the importance of adapting the modern diet guidelines with the need for consumption of locally produced and seasonal food. All modern  guidelines to proper and balanced nutrition are based on  guidelines that require daily moderate and varied consumption, healthy and nutritionally valuable foods. The improvement of these  guidelines it would be achieved with recommendation  to consume seasonal and locally produced food. By practicing such guidelines would be achieve:  diet with less impact on the environment, increased food scurity, better preserved biodiversity and the ecosystem,  especially create conditions for a healthier life for present and future generations. Humane relations in food production are especially important, it implies production without  use of slave and children works labor. Consumption of locally produced and seasonal food enables better control of health security and better development of the domestic economy. Particularly important, facts of influence   of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics,  regarding consumption locally produced and seasonal foods on health. The importance of consuming locally produced and seasonal food is shown at the time of the Covid 19 epidemic when the conditions of international transport became difficult. Changing modern diet  guidelines, especially through education, can contribute to the development of sustainable lifestyles.

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