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Bangun Tri Ariyanto2, Supriyono1*, Sri Nyoto1, Puji Harsono 1

1Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia;

2College of Agrotechnology Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia

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Soybean is the third important food source after rice and corn in fulfill the nutritional needs of the community. This is because soy has a relatively inexpensive source of vegetable protein when compared to other protein sources such as meat, milk, and fish. Soybean needs continue to increase along with the increase in population, while the production achieved has not been able to offset those needs. Soybean planting after rice harvesting is a problem in decreasing production yield, this is due to planting too long so that the land becomes dry. Increasing soybean yields needs to be done with innovation in cultivation techniques, one of which is by applying the difference in planting time. This study aims to obtain planting time that can increase the growth and yield of soybeans in a system without tillage. The study was conducted from June to September 2019 on the former rice field land in Pengkok Village, Kedawung District, Sragen Regency, Laboratory of Ecology and Management Plant Production and Soil Chemical Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, UNS. This research was conducted using a Randomized Completed Block Design (RCBD) 1 factor with 5 treatments (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 days after rice harvest) and repeated 5 times. Data from observations were analyzed using analysis of variance based on the 5% F test followed by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT) of 5% and a correlation test was performed to determine the relationship between soybean planting time difference and the yield. The results showed the difference in planting time was able to increase the growth and the yield variable was a difference of 2 days after the time of harvesting rice because it was able to increase leaf area, number of branches, number of pods, seed weight per plant, seed weight per plot weight 41.38%(1,41t/ha) compared to the difference 6 days after the time of harvesting rice(0,58t/ha).

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