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Emmy Hamidah1,2*, E S Rahayu3, J Sutrisno3, S Marwanti3

1 Doctoral Program of Agriculture Science Graduate School of Universitas Sebelas Maret, 57126. Surakarta Central Java.Indonesia.

2Departmen of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Islam Darul Ulum Lamongan, 62253 East Java. Indonesia.

3 Departmen of Agribisnis, Faculty of Agriculture. Universitas Sebelas Maret, 57126 Surakarta, Central Java. Indonesia.

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Sweet Potatoes have the potential to be developed for food consumption diversification programs based for a local resource, sources of carbohydrates, various nutrients, the risk of failure is relatively small, low production costs, the results of processing are very diverse, as providers of food, industrial raw materials, and animal feed. The research objective was to analyze economically, socially, and culturally sweet potato farming. The study was conducted in Lamongan, East Java. The sampling method was carried out by a purposive method in Kalitengah and Kedungpring, in 5 sweet potato center villages, with 348 respondent farmers. Data analysis used Revenue Cost (R/C) Ratio, Break Event Point (BEP), and descriptive analysis. The R/C ratio of cash costs and total costs were 2.94 and 1.89, respectively, so sweet potato farming is profitable and feasible to be developed. The price BEP and production BEP were Rp 1,210 and 2,543 kg, respectively. The age of farmers over 50 years was 80.17%, while the education of farmer did not graduate/graduated from elementary school were 80,46%. The experience of sweet potato farmers over 20 years was 67.53% while the number of dependents of farm families between 4-6 people was 60.92%. The use of small sweet potato tubers was used as a fish feed by 19.54%. Sweet potato stems and leaves were used as animal feed for goats as much as 51.72% of farmers, while 100% of farmers stated that planting sweet potatoes was a hereditary culture, and 81.90% of farmers consuming sweet potatoes were not a culture.

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