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Suminah, Dwiningtyas Padmaningrum, Emi Widiyanti, Bekti Wahyu Utami, Hanifah Ihsaniyati

Lecturer of Communication and Extension Agriculture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Ir. Sutami Street No. 36 A Kentingan Jebres Surakarta


Chili production decreases continuously in Central Java today. Similarly, chili’s selling price is fluctuating, sometimes too low and some other times too high. Farmers as one of chili agribusiness development actors have a very large potency to develop, so that a study should be conducted on farmers’ behavior in developing chili agribusiness development as the foundation to conduct empowerment. This research aimed to describe a) chili farmers’ characteristics, and (b) empowerment program conducted, and (c) to analyze factors affecting farmers’ skill of developing chili agribusiness in Central Java. Research location was selected purposively. Techniques of collecting data used were interview and field observation. The data was analyzed descriptively and quantitatively with multiple regression, and qualitative information. The result of research showed that the farmers are 49.7 years old on average, graduated from Senior High School (formal education), 46.6% of which have not attended yet non-formal education such as extension and training program related to chili agribusiness, and have less than 0.5 ha-wide area, 13.06 years experience with chili cultivation, 53.3% of which are less skillful in developing chili agribusiness. The result of analysis indicated that non-formal education and year of experience with farming affected chili farmers’ behavior and skill positively and significantly, while age, formal education, and land width did not affect chili farmers’ skill significantly in chili agribusiness development. 

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